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Links for Grocery Club Cards

PTA Fundraising

Here are a few ways you can help raise money for Lucketts Elementary School.
Linking your grocery cards is one of the easiest ways to help Luckett's raise funds and it is FREE.  Once your card is linked to Luckett's, the stores donate a percentage of your purchase total to our school.  Friends and relatives can link their cards as well.  Thanks for your support!

You can link or re-link (Grocery cards need to be done each school year) your cards from the comfort of your home by logging on to each store’s website below. Participating stores in our area along with their store codes are listed below.  Click on any of the stores logo to re-link online!
    Safeway Safeway - and click on YES RENEW to renew your commitment or SIGN UP to enter your information and choose the school name Luckett's Elementary or code 6531044.  You can send bonus points (they will be at the bottom of your receipt) to Luckett's for redemption.
Giant - go to and click on Register Your Card to enter your information.  The Luckett's code is 01972.
Harris Teeter
Harris Teeter - give the cashier your VIC card and the Luckett's code (5196) during checkout or visit and click on “Relink” then “Link to Your School” to enter your information and Luckett’s number 5196.
Target's Take Charge of Education - donates to Luckett's 1% of all Target purchases and 1/2% of all other purchases made using your Target Visa or Target Card. To enroll, go to and click on Red Cards (at the very top in red) and then Take Charge of Education then Enroll Now. Type in your zip code and select Luckett's as the participating school.

 Other Ways to Help
To volunteer for the churn fill out the following form:
Ice Cream
Box Tops for Education - Collect box tops and drop off in specially marked box at school.BoxTops
Campbells  - Collect labels from eligible products.
 Labels for Education