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Register now for VEX Robotics

JV VEX Team:

  • 6th, 7th, or 8th graders looking to explore robotics with minimal commitment outside of club meeting times
  • Recommended for all raising 6th Graders but not required. (see notes for Varsity)
  • Great way to learn the basics of VEX robotics, the parts and pieces, and the design process
  • Will meet starting next school year 1 or 2 times a week
  • Cost: $175 per person
  • Signup: open in September


Varsity VEX Team:

  • Open to any 7th and 8th graders looking for an in-depth exploration of robotics and that are willing to work on robotics mostly outside of club meetings times
  • Rising 6th graders are allowed to join but Parent Coach will be required to have all team members (5 members, 1 Parent Coach, and 2 Parent Volunteers) to take the summer to learn VEX curriculum through the link below (Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy):
  • Will form teams in May and work constantly through the summer on their robot
  • Cost: existing members - $100, new members - $500 (payment will be taken after teams have formed)
  • Sign up: 


Sign up for varsity closes @ 12:05am on Monday, May 9th

For further information on the club, see the following LINK to the presentation from May 3rd.

Or contact Mr. Kaylor via email: