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As the year progresses, you will receive emails and or voice messages from Blue Ridge.  In case you missed them, you can find them here, with the most recent at the top.


Good Afternoon Parents,

Yesterday, Blue Ridge students participated in a PBIS circle-talk lesson.  During the lesson, students reflected on their personal strengths as well as challenges/setbacks that stand in the way as they strive to achieve goals. The lesson’s objective was to recognize that in order to grow and reach your full potential, it is important to identify the challenges and setbacks experienced along the way and overcome these obstacles.  Through perseverance, individual growth happens.

We encourage you to ask your child about his/her experience during the class discussion. Some questions we suggest to foster our home-school connection are:

·         What are your strengths?  What choices did you make in order to achieve these strengths?

·         Describe challenges or setbacks you have experienced.

·         Describe one way you were able to overcome a challenge or setback in order to find personal success.

Thank you for your continued support,





Dear BRMS families,

The year is rapidly progressing – the second quarter is in full swing! Today students received report cards and envelopes with fundraiser tax-receipts for families who donated to the Bucks for Bulldogs Campaign.  Please ask your student(s) to share his/her grades and to provide you with the fundraiser envelope that was sent home for participating families. (Note: Car magnets for donations of $35 or more are in the envelope.) If you have grade related questions, please contact your child’s teacher(s) or encourage your child to meet with the teacher during resource.  Fundraiser questions should be directed to Karin Nixon at

This week we celebrate American Education Week (AEW). Many great things happen at BRMS each day – AEW provides the opportunity to highlight educational excellence.  Already this week, we’ve recognized student achievement at our 1st Quarter Character Counts Award ceremony, held an assembly for 6th Grade Students to Skype with author Lauren Tarshis, and hosted a Parent Coffee. (Be sure to keep up with what is going on at BRMS by visiting our school calendar at We look forward to additional student recognition as well as a Code Walk for our 6th & 7th grade students who are coding during 6th Grade Keyboarding as well as the 7th Grade Coding at the Middle School (CAMS) course.  We also recognize the many students who are members of the BRMS running club in the BRMS running and ran in the Turkey Trot this past weekend. Whether at school or in the community – bulldogs continue to do awesome things!

As we look forward to the Thanksgiving Break (November 23-25), Blue Ridge wishes you a safe, happy holiday.




Brion Bell, Principal


Good Evening Parents,


Today BRMS began the 2nd quarter focusing on character through grade level assemblies. Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this event. “Worth it”, presented by Camfel Productions, was a high-energy show that included video clips, music and discussion centering around the importance of making choices that are worth it! 


Some themes covered through the presentation are listed below.

  • Making “worth it” decisions can be difficult - there are many distractions that can stop you from making the right choices. Types of distractions include friends, social media, and peer pressure.
  • Identifying personal strengths and being confident are key factors in good choices.  You must feel “worth it” to avoid being distracted by the opinions of others.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people is important - choose friends that help you make  “worth it” decisions.
  • Both positive and negative energy are contagious – choose to be positive!
  • Safe practice while using social media.


Please ask your child about his/her takeaways from today’s message.  Discussion questions to continue to foster the home-school connection include:

  • What’s worth it to you?
  • What are your goals, for quarter two, this school year, middle school and beyond? What choices do you need to make to get closer to your goals?
  • What can distract/impede you from reaching a goal or making good decisions? 

Thank you for your continued support,

The PBIS Team


Dear Parents,


Throughout the month of October, Blue Ridge staff recognized National Anti-Bullying Month. Students and staff engaged in conversations, lessons and activities that focused on how we treat each another. Our PBIS team and teachers continue to be committed to helping students recognize the importance of making good choices and being kind to each another. 

Last Friday, students participated in a PBIS lesson that focused on using technology and highlighted some of the challenges faced when communicating electronically.  

Classes discussed the following topics:


  • Give an example of how you use technology to communicate or share personal experiences.
  • Share an example of a challenge you have had (or someone else has had) while communicating electronically.
  • Share pieces of advice you have (or have heard) that will help others have positive experiences when communicating electronically.


We encourage you to continue this conversation at home by asking your student about these topics.


Thank you,

The PBIS Team



Spirit Day Food Drive Update  


Good evening,

We are excited to share that our Blue Ridge students and staff donated 809 pounds of food today to the Tree of Life Food Pantry today! This food directly benefits our community, and we hope our students recognize the impact their donations have on others.  Thank you to our Student Council Association (SCA) for planning and implementing our “Character Day & Spirit Day” food drive and to the numerous students & staff who participated by donating – many choosing to also dress in character.

Our student-led SCA will be planning additional spirit days throughout the school year to allow students and staff to show their bulldog pride. Often these days will be linked to a food drive component since BRMS is committed to making a difference in the community.   

What we do matters!

Thank you,

The BRMS Staff

Good Evening Parents,


This morning our Blue Ridge students participated in a PBIS lesson.  Students continue to focus on digital citizenship along with character.  We tie the digitial citizenship lessons into cyberbullying, including how students create a digital footprint.  Today’s lesson focused on fair use and copyright as it pertains to student projects.

Please ask your child about what they experienced today.  Some discussion questions to continue the home-school connection might be:

·     How does digital media play a role in your family? How is it used to communicate? How it is used on a daily basis in society? How do most Americans receive news or daily updates? Is that source reliable?


Thank you,

The PBIS Team


Good Evening Parents,


Blue Ridge Middle School students experienced a circle talk PBIS lesson this morning.  As a school we have engaged the students in multiple lessons to raise awareness around National Bullying Prevention month.  Today’s lesson focused on kindness and actions we can all take to create a positive impact on one another.  


Students discussed the following prompts or questions:


·         Share a time that someone was kind to you or a kind act you have witnessed.

·         What are examples of ways someone may mistreat or bully someone else?

·         Describe ways we can use kindness or be an Upstander to help others.


It is always our goal as a school to continue to foster our home-school connection.  Please ask your child about what they experienced today and use our prompts/questions to create a family dialogue at home.  


Thank you,

The PBIS Team


Dear Bulldog Parents,

In recognition of National Bullying Prevention month in October, Blue Ridge Middle School students are encouraged to participate in our “Hats off to Kindness” and Blue Shirt Day.  On Monday, October 3rd, students who wear a blue shirt can also wear a hat throughout the school day.  Our goal is to promote kindness and awareness of how we treat each other.


Please remind your student to wear a blue shirt on Monday, October 3rd, to help us kick start a month of focusing on kindness, because as Bulldogs, “What you do Matters!”


Video Intro to Blue Shirt Day:


Thank you,

BRMS Counseling Team


Good Evening Parents,


This morning our Blue Ridge students participated in a PBIS lesson.  Today’s lesson focused on cyberbullying.

Each grade level focused on learning objectives geared toward the specific needs of each age group with staff facilitating lessons based on the discussion points below.


6th Grade

  • Students discussed the important role of an “upstander” and reviewed multiple ways to help others affected by a cyberbullying situation. 

7th Grade

  • What are the benefits and risks of presenting your identity in different ways online? Discuss how people portray themselves online and if it is helpful or hurtful towards themselves or others.


8th Grade

  • When can teasing “cross the line” and become a harmful situation? Students discussed warning signs of cyberbullying and reflected on steps to take when reacting to online bullying.


Ask your child about what they experienced today.  Some discussion questions to continue to foster our home-school connection may be:

·         What kinds of online behaviors could be considered bullying?

·         Do you feel good about how you portray yourself online?

·         Talk about a piece of advice you would say to a friend who feels like they’re being bullied online.


Thank you,

The PBIS Team


6th Grade BRMS Families,

We are excited to share an upcoming PTO Event for 6th grade students! The Second Annual 6th Grade Social will be held on Saturday, October 22nd at Ida Lee from 8:30-10:00 p.m.  This is a great opportunity for BRMS 6th graders to spend time outside of school socializing with friends – both old and new – while they enjoy swimming & activities in the gym area. The event, which is sponsored by the PTO, is free of charge and open to all BRMS 6th graders. J It promises to be a fun-filled night for the class of 2023! Please see the attached flyer for more information.

To participate, print the flyer and return the completed bottom half of the form to the House B office by Friday, October 14th. Students may also stop by the House B office to pick up a print copy of the flyer.

In order to make the evening a success, the PTO is seeking volunteers and/or donations of snacks, water and paper goods.  To make this process easy, a Sign-Up Genius webpage has been created.  It can be accessed by clicking on the following link: .

Event Questions?  Email the event coordinator Heidi Grisius at or Mary Litton Thornton at  


Dear Blue Ridge Family,

We are eagerly awaiting our first day of school on August 29th and are pleased to announce that students can access a draft of their schedules through ParentView. It is important to recognize that changes may occur as new enrollments continue and classes are balanced. If you notice errors in the schedule, please be assured that our counselors are continuing to review and finalize classes; please check ParentView for updates.  

Sixth grade students will receive a printed copy of their schedule during our 6th Grade Open House on Thursday, August 25th, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. That's today!! We hope to see all 6th grade students during our open house.  When all grade level students arrive at BRMS next Monday, they will report directly to their assigned homeroom. At that time, students will receive their official schedule.  

If you are unable to access ParentView, please call your child’s House Secretary: 6th Grade – Mrs. Hickman, 7th Grade – Mrs. Kerley, and 8th Grade – Mrs. Smith.