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Welcome to the Music Room!

A Parent’s Guide to Music at

Sycolin Creek Elementary

Students at Sycolin Creek have music for 30 minutes twice a week.  During that time, they sing, play instruments, dance and much more!  First and second grade students each have a musical program.  All students participate in the Veterans Day Program and the Holiday Sing-a-long.  Fourth and fifth grade students all play recorder and they are also eligible to join the Sycolin Creek Singers. 
 Mr. Blanks and Mrs. Cassada
The comprehensive Music Program at Sycolin Creek will be based on the following six musical elements:

Expressive Qualities 
 Dynamics, Tempo and Articulation

Tone Color 
 Vocal and Instrumental

 Beat/Meter and Rhythm

Melody, Harmony and Tonality

Texture and Form/Structure

Cultural Context



These elements are taught during music lessons through singing, playing, moving and improvising.  Students learn to read and write musical notation.  Listening, describing and analyzing are also important skills.  All skills are taught in a planned, sequential order to maximize each child's success.

In order to make music, our classroom expectations are based on respect.  
Our expectations are posted and will be reviewed as needed.



Follow directions

Try your best


Listen!  Be attentive

Hands and Feet to yourself


Treat instruments with care

When you play, make music

Have fun!

 Students may receive rewards for good behavior as a class or on an individual basis.  Rewards include: verbal compliment, Sammy ticket, class favorite activity and Star Class of the Month.

Students who are not following the expectations may receive a verbal warning, time away from the activity, a note or phone-call home, or a chat with Mr. Racino or Mrs. Textoris.




 Students in fourth and fifth grade are eligible to join the chorus.  Chorus will meet on Wednesdays, before and after school. The chorus will perform for Veterans Day and the Winter/Holiday Sing-a-long and have two evening performances.  We will also perform at several school events. More information will be available on the music website soon!




 Student assessments will be based on a wide variety of objectives, which you may view on the music website by clicking on 9 weeks plans.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Important Dates:

Saturday, October 1

Sycolin Creek Singers and Simpson Chorus sing at a Nationals Game 

Wednesday, October 5
 First Day of the Sycolin Creek Singers

Friday, November 11, 8:45 AM 

Veterans Day Concert

Thursday, December 8, 6:30 PM
 Sycolin Creek Singers Winter Concert

Friday, December 21, 8:45 AM
Winter Sing-a-Long 

March 23
2nd Grade Musical 

Thursday, April 27
Sycolin Creek Singers Concert

April 28
Second Grade Kennedy Center Field Trip 

Thursday, May 25

First Grade Patriotic Program 


Thursday, June 8
Fifth Grade Transition Ceremony 
Last Modified on November 17, 2016