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 Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Resources

End-of-Course Writing Resources Added

Eleven additional writing prompts have been added to the end of the EOC list. These additional prompts are not eligible for use on the EOC writing test until the 2014-2015 school year. No additional prompts were added to either the grade 5 or grade 8 writing prompt lists.


Grades 3-8 Reading Practice Items Added

Additional practice items have been added to the end of grades 3-8 reading practice item sets. The practice item guides for each set have been updated to reflect the inclusion of the additional items. 

Practice the new Technology Enhanced Items and practice typing your essay by going to the following links. Actual essay questions that may be used on the Spring 2014 SOL are available also. 

Use the following link to access the Writing EOC Multiple Choice Practice Items  
Use the following link to access the Direct Writing portion of the Writing SOL. Released writing prompts for Online SOL can be found on this page 

This website has lots of TEI questions that make good practice for students taking the math SOL, grades 2 – high school.

SOL Resources
Practice Items – this link takes you to the page with practice items for all of the SOL subjects.  SOLs will no longer be only only multiple choice type questions.

Released Tests – this link takes you to the page with the latest released SOL tests previously taken by students.  The answers are included.


More resources:
Reflex Math:
As part of these new Virginia Depatment of Education (VDOE)  resources there is an SOL Library with catalogs that provide listings of all documents, websites, videos and other resources created by VDOE to support SOL instruction in the four tested content areas.

More SOL Information:

Practice for all SOL's (more by subject area below):

  • SOL Practice Tests from the Virginia Department of Education
  • SOL Pass (Ask your teacher for the password)
  • E-PAT"s - (FOR HOME USE- we already have these installed at school) downloadable practice tests from previously released test items in the format that the live online SOL test is administered.

Review (Multiple Subjects)

Language Arts Games:

Fun Math Skills Review Games:

Math SOL Practice:

Language Arts SOL Practice:

Science SOL Practice:

Social Science SOL Practice:

Test Taking Help