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Promethean Planet (Home)

Teachers can join Promethian Planet for free to access millions of online resources and flipcharts and to share what you have created.   Professional development videos and tutorials also available on the planet!

Frederick County Public Schools
Good training materials and resources.  Activinpsire ideas!

Educational Technology Center - IWB examples and resources.

FlipChart Fundamentals

The Planet has assembled a list of steps to help you create great flipchart lessons for your students.  Regardless of grade level or curriculum area, these suggestions should provide you with the right tools to make your flipcharts powerful, engaging and pleasing to the eye.

Following some of these simple suggestions will undoubtedly improve your ability to establish student interest, maintain enthusiasm for what is being taught, and maximize interactivity between you and your students.

Promethean Learning
Take the free online tutorial to get started learning about he ActivStudio software to use the Promethian Interactive Whiteboard.  Please remember the following:
Level 1 - Foundation Skills Course - FREE
These courses have been developed to introduce the main features of Activstudio software. To enroll on one of these courses you first need to create a new account. Then, make sure you enroll in a class!  Creating a new account DOES NOT enroll you in a course.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your Promethean Learning confirmation is sent to you automatically. If you DO NOT receive your confirmation, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder.
Promethean Planet Search Page

Thousands of flipchart lesson plans, spanning all grade levels and curriculum areas...all aligned to state standards.  Find a resource by state standard or keyword.

Promethean Tutorials and FlipChart Resources

Obe Hostetter is continually updating these resources as they become available.

Teacher Tube
Teacher Tube"s goal is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos.
Promethean ActivStudio Video Tutorials
Visual Library- Merriam-Webster

Thousands of visuals and diagrams to accompany definitions for all curriculur areas, by category or keyword search.

Fairfax County Public Schools
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