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*Elementary students should have supervision when using the internet. The content of outside links is not controlled by Loudoun County Public Schools. While school staff review links when they are inserted, the content may change. If you find any linked home page content you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the building principal or Technology Resource Teacher. Remember that the outside source Web page may link to other pages that have not been reviewed; explore at your own risk.
Practice Multiplication Facts and Help the UN Food Program
Free Rice now has multiplication and other subjects.
Math Facts Practice
allows students choose skill level, operation and number of minutes to practice.

Math Fact Cafe provides math worksheets and flashcards for elementary grades. Access hundreds of pre-generated math sheets or generate your own custom sheets. The site requires no login and is totally free.

FunBrain Math Baseball

Math Flash

The World of Math Online

Interactive Math Games
A bunch of different games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts: Fruit Shoot, Pop Up Math, Math MahJong, Matching games, Make 24, and many more. The site also has games for place value, coins, fractions, and other topics.
Solve math problems against the clock! Four difficulty levels, can tick or untick all four operations.
Practice your basic facts with these kid-appealing simple games.
Click and burst the bubble showing the right answer to math questions. Choose addition, subtraction, or multiplciation. Various levels and speeds.
Last Modified on November 19, 2006