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Welcome to the Mighty Macaws PBIS page! We, the Mighty Macaws, are proud to announce our active participation in the PBIS program!

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a nationally recognized program that allows us to focus on expectations we know will make our Macaws soar! The PBIS focus at MTE will be “respectful, responsible and ready!” Our goal is to support students in learning how to be respectful, responsible, and ready- whether in the classroom, hallways, bus, cafeteria, or on the playground!

Why did we feel that this was a good choice for Madison’s Trust Elementary?

·                    It allows all Macaws to have a common language

·                    Being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn are not just character traits we want our Macaws to display at school. We are training champions for life!

·                    We want all Mighty Macaws to consider themselves, the school, and everyone in the community when making choices.


Program Implementation

To implement this program, we do the following with your children:

·                    Introduce them to our school motto… “A Mighty Macaw is: respectful, responsible and ready to….”

·                    Participate in classroom lessons in which students talk about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors around the school. To start these discussions, teachers had their classrooms complete “A Mighty Macaw in the Classroom is…” posters!

·                    Share with them specific expectations for being respectful, responsible, and ready

·                    Have posters up around the school as reminders of expected behaviors.

·                    Participate in a positive incentive plan by allowing classes to earn stickers for behavior during specials, in the hallways, or cafeteria. The class with most stickers at the end of the month wins a prize! **Prizes are determined at individual classroom levels**

 How can you help?

·                     Ask your child how a Mighty Macaw is respectful, responsible, and ready in the following areas: classroom, hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, bus, and playground.

·                     Ask them each day for an example of how they were respectful, responsible, or ready at school!

·                     Contact your school counselors to see how YOU can be a part of our PBIS team!

·                     Practice positive behaviors at home! How are YOUR Macaws respectful, responsible, and ready at home?!


Please feel free to contact your school counselors for more information today!


Pooja Weissman,

Jordan Ray,