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 Buffalo Trail Elementary is implementing  BYOT ~ Bring Your Own Technology.

This will allow students to bring privately owned devices for teacher-directed instructional use.  BYOT will be implemented on a grade level basis.  Please contact your child's teacher in regards to their participation.
Parents, please take a look at the
presentation for information on the voluntary BYOT program at BTES.

Participating in BYOT is voluntary and should be a decision made by individual families. BYOT supplements the devices supplied by LCPS.  Students who do not bring personal devices will be provided with a device to use in the classroom, which ensures that all students will be able to participate in classroom activities. 
Click to print the BTES User Agreement for BYOT
Device Requirements ~  
  • Office 365 - Click HERE for information on how to download for free
  • Attachable keyboard 
  • Device must be fully charged
  • Identification sticker on every item  (Student First & Last Name, Grade Level,
                                                                                Teacher, Room #)     
  • Internet ready with wireless

           Also recommended ~
Antivirus software
Acceptable Devices include ~  
Tablets or iPads w/attachable keyboard (Parents, please check that the tablet is able to have Office 365 downloaded.)
  •  No cell phones! 
Safety & Security ~  
Cellular data use is not allowed
LCPS wireless only (No 3G/4G)
No texting or messaging
LCPS/BTES is not responsible for data charges
Student assumes total responsibility for their device

LCPS and BTES are not responsible for ~

Failure or inoperability