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Bonnie Cottone - Secretary - 703-996-2190 email
Ed Chi - Assistant Principal email
Patti Bagdasarian - Counselor email
Ann Barrett - Counselor email
Jaclyn Royster - Dean email  
On February 24th, Principal Day and Principal Duellman presented a preliminary plan for 8th graders next year as our enrollment increases.
Newsletter for week of Aug 29, 2016.
Newsletter for week of Sep 5, 2016.
Newsletter for week of Oct 3, 2016.
Newsletter for week of Nov 9, 2016.
Newsletter for week of Dec 5, 2016. 
Here is an explanation of the daily transport to and from Rock Ridge High School. (last updated 8-16-16) 
Here is a summary of the highlights from the Monday night parent tours in a PDF(~276KB) and a video(~100MB).