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Welcome to the Liberty Bring Your Own Technology information page! Here you can find out all about BYOT and how we're using it! 
Liberty's 5th grade has been participating in a version of BYOT for the past few years.  This year, Liberty is excited to expand BYOT to include the 3rd and 4th grades! Please see our presentations from the September 10th Parent Information Sessions.
BYOT at Liberty Presentation 
Also, please see the results from our parent exit tickets from the BYOT Sessions, which include attendee's comfort level and likelihood of participating in BYOT after the presentation here.
BYOT Traffic Light for Using Devices in 3-5 Classrooms
As we prepare for your student to participate in BYOT, please complete the following two surveys: 
We also highly recommend taking advantage of 5 complimentary downloads per student of Microsoft 365.  Visit the MS365 LCPS Page and follow the directions.  Your student must know their student ID number and password to log on here at school (usually, their 4-digit birthday - September 14th = 0914) .  Please download Microsoft 365 on your student's BYOT device.
We also recommend that parents visit our Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Homepage to learn more about this important curriculum to teach your student to be safe online. 
All students (whether they are participating in BYOT or not) need to fill out and sign the LCPS Acceptable Use Policy.  This is necessary for all students who will be using any kind of technology this year.  Please sign and date the last page and send it in to your student's teacher.