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6th Grade Art
7th Grade Art
Mr. Guillen
6th Grade Art
8th Grade Art

We believe that like language, art is a primary tool for conveying meaning and experience to one another. Our students will begin to expand their visual, verbal and written languages, enabling them to better articulate their thoughts, experiences and dreams. Through hard work, exploration, and the use of many mediums they will develop their own artistic styles and new modes of communication.
Differentiated Instruction
The art department of Farmwell Station Middle School strives to provide each child with an exciting, and challenging education in the arts. Students in all three grade levels may be working in the same media however, the level of difficulty will increase for each grade. Students in the upper grades are encouraged to think beyond the basic parameters of the assignment to create more challenging designs.

Project Evaluation
The Art Department evaluates student performance using criteria in line with LCPS' Standards of Achievement (S.O.A.) and Standards of Learning (S.O.L.). These criteria fall into several categories including Following Directions, Craftsmanship, and Effort. For answers to specific questions regarding evaluation, please contact your child’s Art Teacher. By evaluating several different areas of performance, all students can excel if effort and care is put into their work.


Last Modified on October 20, 2015