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Dear Hutchison Farm Parents and/or Guardians,

Your community needs your help! The school and the PTA have identified a lack of accessible computing equipment at Hutchison Farm Elementary.

Our limited computing resources are restricting our students' ability to explore, research, create, and communicate, which are fundamental skills in our 21st century world. With less than a handful of computers in each classroom, a computer lab that is booked solid every day, and 22 mobile laptops, there is not enough access for our students to fully integrate technology into their daily curriculum.

We have a plan and we want YOU to be involved. It requires three components.

Knowledge, Participation and Community

Knowledge: Are you informed? Did you attend the Technology Information Night? Have you read the Technology Plan? Did you view the Technology Plan Presentation Video? A Technology Web Page has been created to provide you with information that you may need to become informed about the HFES Tech Plan. Please become well informed by viewing the resources on our schools website. Links to those resources a located in the left had menu.

Participation: How can I help? In partnership with the PTA, we have launched the Helping Huskies Fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to work together as a community. Information about this fundraiser is located on the HFES PTA website at Once on the PTA webpage, click on the Helping Huskies Fundraiser side tab to learn more about our fundraiser. If you would rather not set up a web page, you can simply write a check to the HFES PTA. Please indicate the Tech Plan on the check. We greatly appreciate any contributions that are made.

Community: In order to achieve our goal, we must work together. Working together builds a sense of community. We are asking students, staff and local community members to contribute to our Fundraising Campaign. November 15th will complete our Fundraiser with a Food Pack-a-Thon Event. We plan to "give back" to our community by providing a minimum of 10,000 nutritionally-dense meals for our local Dulles South Food Pantry.

When everyone becomes invested, it truly makes the ultimate goal that much more rewarding.

Thank you for your support and participation in the HFES Technology Plan.


Heidi E. Smith