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Panther Time

Panther Time has two components. One component is intervention and the second is extension. Students who need more intensive instruction in certain areas of math or reading remain in the classroom with a teacher. The other students leave the classroom and meet with one of the specialists, teacher assistants or parent volunteers, to participate in an extension lesson. These lessons include responding to literature, researching a topic of choice, developing math games, participating in science experiments and using their creative minds to build structures with limited materials.

The intervention groups are very fluid. Teachers meet every 4- 6 weeks to discuss student progress and decide how best to meet their needs. Students may start the year in an intervention group, but may then be exited out into the extension group as they progress in their learning. Students in extension groups may also be placed into intervention groups if their progress begins to slow down.

Placement into intervention groups or extension groups is based on a screening that is given during the 2nd week of school, one week after winter break in January and the 2nd to last week of school in June. Parents are notified of their child’s placement via a note sent home.

Questions are always welcome and may be directed to Mrs. Finn at or Mrs. Anderson, Reading Specialist, at