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Behavior, Intervention, and Support)
Algonkian’s PBIS framework is based on The 4 R’s
 Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, and Ready


The PBIS framework is an opportunity to help students focus on good behavior and strive to succeed.  Classrooms will have the opportunity to be recognized for following the 4 R’s, and individual students have an opportunity as well. When a staff member catches a student doing an exceptional job with one or more of the 4 R’s he/she receives a “Golden Ticket”. His or her name will be put into a weekly drawing to receive special recognition!

How does PBIS benefit our school?

· A proactive and consistent approach to school-wide discipline which will assist in improved student achievement.

· Staff the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process. (Shared leadership approach)

· Teaches and reinforces appropriate behaviors.

· Provides data to assess needs and make informed decisions.

· Provides increased feedback and support to staff.

· Creates consistent language and expectations across all school areas

Ultimately, PBIS implementation provides a decrease in addressing challenging behaviors which thereby increases overall instructional time.